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Anonymous Denies Hacking PSN

Yesterday Sony reported that they found a file on the SOE  server with Anonymous in it’s name and the words “We are legion” in it’s contents, they then suspected Anonymous or associates of Anonymous were guilty of the security breach. Today Anonymous has responded to these claims stating that they didn’t do it. In their statement sent to The Guardian, Anonymous says;


Sony subpoenated by NY State

Remember when I said I wouldn’t be talking about Sony again? Well I kina lied….sorry – business as usual.

Things are only going downhill for Sony. First of all let me define the word ‘Subpoena‘ via

[suh-pee-nuh, suhb-] –noun

‘the usual writ for the summoning of witnesses or the submission of evidence, as records or documents, before a court or other deliberative body.’

PSN – $1Bn lawsuit | Anonymous suspected

Seriously internet I’m done, this is the LAST time I’m writing about Sony. My fingers want to engage in more meaningful activities than to help me write about a multi billion dollar company that has been well respected for many many years and is now gently being disregarded in terms of trust. I’m just a dude who wants to play Portal 2, that’s all.

So lets get started; A Canadian law firm has proposed a class action lawsuit in excess of $1 BILLION dollars against Sony for:

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Sony Online Entertainment HACKED!

SOE has been victim to an attack where it has lost 12,700 customer credit card numbers  and a possible 24.6 million accounts have been breached.

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