Yesterday Sony reported that they found a file on the SOE  server with Anonymous in it’s name and the words “We are legion” in it’s contents, they then suspected Anonymous or associates of Anonymous were guilty of the security breach. Today Anonymous has responded to these claims stating that they didn’t do it. In their statement sent to The Guardian, Anonymous says;

“If a legitimate and honest investigation into the credit card is conducted, Anonymous will not be found liable. While we are a distributed and decentralized group, our “leadership” does not condone credit card theft. We are concerned with erosion of privacy and fair use, the spread of corporate feudalism, the abuse of power and the justifications of executives and leaders who believe themselves immune personally and financially for the actions they undertake in the name of corporations and public office.”

This among other things outline and clearly show they deny any involvement as it goes against their “leadership” and ideology.

Source – The Guardian

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