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Sony | The password exploit


Reset your Password

As you know, in order to regain access to PSN, the user is required to rest his or her password – Sony has self-exploited that requirement and upon discovering the exploit they had taken down the PSN password reset page.

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PSN Online | Firmware 3.61 Available

What you need to know:

– The Playstation Network is online

– You will need to update to firmware 3.61 to gain access to it

The update will require you to change your password (only possible on your PS3)

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Square Enix Hacked! O.o

Apparently both and Edios Interactive have been hacked by the likes of someone who calls himself, ‘Mr. Choppy’ (see picture below) and his team.

Message displayed after hack: “Owned by Chippy1337” and “Hacked by Xero(Ryan King), XiX(Ian Summers), Evil Hom3r, Viral(Ryan Cleary), Nikon, Venuism(Aaron Lingard)”. Lastly, “check us out at irc.ddosing eu=#808 :)”


Anonymous likely behind PSN breach


Two long-time members of Anonymous spoke to the Financial Times and stated that it’s possible that other group members are responsible for hacking PSN. A member of Anonymous told FT that he had seen technical details of the vulnerability on Sony’s network that enabled the break-in discussed on an Anonymous chatroom shortly before the intrusion.


Sony hacked AGAIN!


Yea that’s right… AGAIN! This hack was a minor one though;according to and, on May 5th Sony discovered an out of date website that held information on 2,500 names and partial mailing addresses of individuals that entered a 2001 product sweepstakes. This information was stolen and posted on that website by hackers.

Sony reported that once found, they immediately took the website down. They also stated that no information about credit cards, passwords or social security numbers were listed.


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