Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 framework is now available and it brings a host of new features, linearity, maturity, migration and dropped support. Building websites just got slightly idiot proof…  again.

As the web progresses so does the likelihood of an innovative revolution at any given point. I’ve been developing websites for quite some time now and I must say; the easier it gets for anyone calling themselves a ‘professional web designer’ to build a website, the easier it gets for this industry to get saturated.

Twitter has stepped it up a notch with their Bootstrap 3 release and I must say that I am impressed. Not only does it fix many issues developers have been experiencing, it also shows a lot more maturity. Waving it’s ‘mobile first’ flag quite high, it seems Bootstrap 3 is beginning to adapt to the way forward (inclusive of flat design). I’ll list a few general changes and send you off with some resources.


What’s changed?

You can have a look at the Bootstrap 3 pull request and get a good idea of the changes.

Notably however:

  •  Major changes to grid system with the inclusion  and separation of mobile, tablet and browser columns: .col-* , .col-sm-*, .col-lg-*, and so on.
  • Dropped support for IE7 and Firefox 3.6
  • Retina images: .img-retina()
  • Column ordering: .col-push-*, .col-pull-*
  • Minor button changes
  • Quite a number of navbar changes such as styling, removal and the renaming of some styles
  • Major modal changes
  • Major carousel changes (really major)
  • Minor form changes
  • Overhall of icons



Migration from Bootstrap 2.3* to Bootstrap 3

Kissr has a great migration tool for upgrading your current Bootstrap 2.3* website / theme to version 3. The converter supports Bootstrap 3 RC1.

Bootstrap 3 Upgrader



Free Bootstrap 3 Themes

If you’re searching for bootstrap 3 templates / themes, you can head over to Bootstraptor.

Bootstraptor Free Bootstrap 3 Themes



Official Bootstrap3 Themes

Alternatively, you can get official Bootstrap themes from the website.

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Examples




Alright, that’s a wrap. Enjoy 🙂

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