Twitter Bootstrap 3 Released

Twitter Bootstrap 3 Released

Twitter’s Bootstrap 3 framework is now available and it brings a host of new features, linearity, maturity, migration and dropped support. Building websites just got slightly idiot proof…  again.

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How To: Approach UoG Final Year



This article reflects on the psychological methods in which one can potentially surpass the final year of the University of Greenwich.

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This Beer Chase is simply one of the best ads ever.

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The Kuratas – 1.35 million dollar mech


Kuratas, developed by Suidobashi Heavy Industries is a REAL mech straight out of your video game or anime which sells for a low low low price of 1.35 million dollars.

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5 ways to improve your blog’s SEO Ranking

You’ve probably launched a blog or website recently but have failed to monetize it much less receive a decent following. Then your probably going about it the wrong way!

There are two ways you can go about doing this:

1. Optimize your site or blog with unpopular

or niche-like keywords and rank quickly- and I mean within days for that particular term. This is a useful strategy in some rare cases but generally you  will just rank high for terms that are not searched a lot by the general public, which means no website traffic.The second way is to use popular keywords in your meta tags and posts. But the problem is even though these are popular search terms Google would give priority to more popular and established sites or blogs.These facts may leave new bloggers a bit disappointed. But the second way may not be so bad after all but it can only be done effectively by using these key strategies:

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