Microsoft’s Bing AI event showcased the latest innovations and applications of artificial intelligence (AI) in search and beyond.

Microsoft and OpenAI hosted a joint event to showcase the latest innovations in search and artificial intelligence. The event featured demos and presentations from both companies, highlighting how they are collaborating to create the next generation of search experiences powered by AI.

Bing’s new Chat Mode

Microsoft announced the launch of Sydney, a new chat mode that allows users to have natural conversations with Bing search. Sydney is not an assistant, but a helpful tool that can understand and communicate in multiple languages, such as English, Chinese, Japanese, Spanish, French, and German. It can also generate poems, stories, code, essays, songs, celebrity parodies, and more, based on user requests or interests.


ChatGPT and GPT 3.5

Another highlight of the event was the demonstration of of an advanced ChatGPT, the latest and most advanced language model from OpenAI. GPT is a deep neural network that can generate natural language texts on any topic, given some input words or sentences. It can also answer questions, summarize texts, write essays, create code, and perform many other tasks that require natural language understanding and generation. It’s s trained on a massive corpus of text data from the web, including Bing search results, and can leverage this knowledge to produce relevant and coherent texts.

Bing is leveraging AI to provide more relevant, visual, logical, and actionable results for users. For example, Bing can now answer complex questions that require reasoning and synthesis of multiple sources, such as “What are the pros and cons of nuclear fusion?” or “How can I reduce my carbon footprint?”.

Bing can also generate rich and interactive visualizations, such as graphs, charts, maps, and tables, to help users explore and compare data. Moreover, Bing can suggest actions and tasks that users can perform based on their queries, such as booking a flight, sending an email, or ordering a pizza.

Lastly, Bing introduced a new API that allows developers to easily integrate Bing’s AI capabilities into their own applications and websites.


Try Out Bing AI

Currently there is a waiting list to sign up for the new Bing AI. Once you get access, you must downoad the Dev version of Microsoft Edge.