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Grand Theft Auto 4 Map on Google Maps

grand theft auto 4 map - google maps

Rockstar Games have outdone themselves by completely dumping the entire GTA 4 Liberty City Map on Google Maps.

All the core functionality remains, all it asks is for exploration from the “comfort of your own home”



view gta4 liberty city map on google maps

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CUPP PunkThis | Dual OS


Cupp’s PunkThis is a board that replaces your 2.5 inch SATA hard drive enabling the device to be able to switch between Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) via a hotkey in real-time.

The Punk This has the following specs and ports:

  • DM3730 ARM CPU
  • 512MB of RAM
  • Wifi radio
  • mini-PCIe Socket
  • SATA port
  • SD Card slot
  • Other connections to allow usb, video and audio interfacing with the host.


A key point to also note would be that; although the PinkThis replaces the computer’s hard drive, it also allows for an SSD to be connected to it via the mini-PCIe Socket or an SDcard. These facilities will allow for extra storage.


Source – Engadget

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NFC Technology on Google Andriod

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a short ranged (1-4cm), low speed (106 – 414 kbps) and low friction setup (no discovery, no pairing) that does not need a battery to communicate. This technology is quite groundbreaking and Google is now making it available for developers to incorporate it into their applications. The NFC technology works like this:

– The Android device being used must have an NFC antenna (currently only located at the back of the device on NEXUS S).

– The NFC functionality must be enabled

– The user simply taps the device on anything that is NFC enabled


I’ve added 2 videos, the first is the short version outlining basic functionality and the second is a more in depth version

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WebGL Attack | GPU exposed to hackers

The Mechanics of a WebGL Attack


The UK security firm Context (with support from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) )  believes that the WebGL feature should be disabled after learning of a security threat that allows a code to be planted directly into a computer’s GPU.

The extent of the attack can vary depending on the attacker; some attacks can be a simple denial of service attack and others can be more severe with the additional use of HTML5 Canvas. As a result of these vulnerabilities Context believes that WebGL is not ready for mass usage and should be disabled in web browsers.


Source – Contextis

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Google Search Volume | Looks awesome

Want to see something cool? Hell yea you do.

Via Google Blog


Google Data Arts Team developed a visualization using WebGL (a thing that IE doesn’t natively support) which is essentially JavaScript on steroids that uses your computer’s hardware to accelerate animations.

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