Combining cars and football (soccer) sounds ludicrous to say the least but undoubtedly this has worked for Psyonix with developing Rocket League; a sports racing game which has become monumentally popular despite initial server issues.


Rocket League is a very addicting game of basically playing traditional football (soccer) but instead of using primitive humans, cars are used instead. Effectively you drive your own vehicle against others in an online match or against the computer AI.

It’s become massively popular and almost anyone can pick it up as it’s easy to play with about a day or so learning curve.


Gameplay Depth

As with most video games, depth is important. Having a simple concept of driving cars on a football field is not particularly exciting to be honest. Fortunately the depth of Rocket League provides enough lure to keep you playing and wanting to master the game to its fullest.

Freestyling (displayed below) is this deeper lure the game provides. Effectively freestyling is using boost to ‘fly’ and then make unnecessary flips using your car before making contact with the ball – This is usually done before scoring.



Game Modes

Psyonix (the creators of Rocket League) are doing a very good job at adding new cars, maps and game modes to the game. Two of the biggest modes are Basketball and Rumble mode. Basketball is quite explanatory, however Rumble is essentially having a randomiser choose a special tool you can use to aid you or your team score. In the image to the right below, the magnet tool is being used to essentially pull the ball towards the car.



Winner of 2 BFTAs and several other gaming awards, Rocket League stands as an all-round great sports/racing game.


Images from: Playstation, Psyonix

Rocket League Website

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