Didn’t IE9 just come out? It most definitely did.

Didn’t Microsoft boast about it? Yes they did

A weird turn of events but businesses don’t run themselves; IE10 beta is now live for you to embed your buttery fingers into and as for it’s improvements, I’m unsure of any at this time but I’ll get around to it. Oh did I forgot to mention that it’s only for Windows 7, looks like your $200 – $300 Windows Vista investment is starting to get Windows XP treatment.


Microsoft is clearly pushing for everyone to upgrade to Windows 7 but I doubt this is the right way. Limiting IE is a start but for real leverage they will have to start limiting everyday applications and if that starts happening well…

According to StatCounter, Windows 7 has been on a steady incline since April 2010 while Vista and XP fall like lukewarm potatoes.

Anyway, when it’s all said and done, for any company the quality of it’s product and/or service defines it.

You can grab your copy of IE10 beta here if you’re using Windows 7.


Source: Statcounter, IE Test Drive

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