Hi guy’s what’s up? Just thought I’d post some Internet findings in EPISODE FORM *Insert dramatic Music here*. Anyway I hope you enjoy.


Shutdown the internet

Ever wanted to SHUT DOWN the internet? Well now you can:


Very nice 404 Page

Ever used Internet Explorer 5 or 6? I hope not but if you ever did, you might have seem something like this except this is a better version:


Smallest blog ever made

Literally, the smallest website in the world, good luck and be sure to hold CTRL + scroll wheel lol



Random image via anvari.org


Microsoft Obsecurity

There was more to the Microsoft Office Suite.


Addicted to the internet?

You know you’re an Internet Addict when…


You really are an addict?

Here are some rules for surviving an internet addiction:


Bad user interface

Ever wanted to know how to create a bad user interface, here is your chance:


Freelance v.s Inhouse

If you want to be either here are some things to consider.


WMD’s 404

This one I put up is about Iraq & Bush. Depending on who you are, you’ll either find this funny or insulting. My opinion is mutual.



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