This anime is one of the highest rated in the world to date and I can’t bring myself to know why.

Before you go up in arms let me inform you that I’m only on episode 22 of about 52. All hardcore anime watching people people person peoples (yes, I said it) know that patience is definitely a thing you must have when dealing with anime. I am holding on…

I ventured into FMA after watching The Walking Dead season 4 finale and at first glance it was average. Average plot, average presentation, average characters. What stood out was the EXTREME ratings it received and also the uniqueness of the anime. Though I did say the plot was average, it is also unique in some ways.

Around episode 16 or so things just start moving really fast. I remember one particular episode where the story had 2 plot twists and about 4 dramatic moments within 20 minutes. That was quite disappointing but then… ohhh BUT THEN the story REALLY begins to pickup. The characters begin to develop and become less predictable and the adventure really begins!

I’m trying my best not to be specific about events which take place, so as to not have any spoilers (haven’t really coded in a spoiler drop-down on the website yet).



Having watched all the episodes, I realize why this anime is so highly rated.

The production quality improves quite a lot as it progresses and ultimately the plot becomes quite dynamic and the characters develop very significantly and the maturity is shown. There were quite a bit cringe-worthy moments though where characters would act VERY out of character and the sense of urgency dies significantly. For instance, when something would happen to Al and Ed would have to save him, weakness is seen in both characters and it is annoying. Ed would easily get sidetracked with a ‘conversation’ rather than saving his own brother from the clutches of the enemy.

The ending was quite interesting and I like the fact that they treated the main characters with respect as both the final battles were fought with the correct people and we didn’t see an impossible David and Goliath situation.


Time for Full Metal Alchemist Brotherhood.

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