Ah yes Metal Gear Solid, the epic saga that has span more than 25 years. Revengeance is just a dot in a pool of years of platforms and video games which have come before it.


I have completed the game – twice actually, but I haven’t brought myself to ultimate completion. So far however, it’s very well built. From first impressions I realized it was done in 720p which is disappointing coming from a MGS game but it doesn’t really affect the experience that much (if at all).



The gameplay is quite desirable and extremely fast pace (much faster than DMC). You really have to be quick on your feet and eventually once you get the hang of the experience the game then becomes extremely EPIC and quite a fun activity to play.



Not really too sure what to say here. The story is a spinoff of after MGS5 and it still digs through the PMCs which have now split into factions and talks of WAR. Raiden has teamed up with a company and is working security detail. This time around an organization which goes by the name of Desperados are wearing the big black coats and they’re definitely enjoying those coats.


That’s about it for me on this so far. This is a very brief and broken summary but don’t worry,  i’ll continue to add as I attain 100% of the games achievements.

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