How to Fix Battlefield 4 Deploy / Spawn Screen Error That Prevents Mouse and Keyboard Interaction

The Issue

So by now a majority of users probably have an issue with Battlefield 4’s deploy screen. This is the screen which is displayed after the game loads / if you need to respawn; and it is plagued with the error where a player is unable to click with their mouse or type using their keyboard.

Fortunately I have found a fix to this issue after multiple experiences.


How To Fix

It’s quite simple, let’s start from the top:

  • Launch Battlefield 4
  • Select a server
  • Wait for the game to load
  • Once loaded, the screen may be irresponsive.
  • At this point, minimize the game
  • Close the browser you used to launch the game.
  • Maximize the game again
  • Problem solved, danger averted


This solution is only from my findings using Chrome to launch the game on a fresh install of Windows 8. It should also be noted that I have 2 mice plugged in at a time, although unplugging one does not solve the issue.


I hope this helps you and happy gaming 🙂

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