While, Pinterest came to be known as the newest social media platform, its journey to the top had been quite a fairy take one.


In this online world where Facebook and Twitter has been reigning supreme and with many other well performing websites, entry of a next equally competent site was almost impossible. However, Pinterest was easily able to steal the show and become popular with most of the users. It is not just another social media site because it is not simply about sharing photos or themes or ideas. It is rather about collecting ideas and images.


About the little team

Although there are only 80+ employees who work for Pinterest, it has become one of the greatest phenomenal pulpits through 2012 and 13. If you join Pinterest, you will get to enjoy the things of your interest all the more. Here, you can pin the things that catch your attention or rather ‘interest’ and perhaps that is why the name Pinterest.

Now, millions of people use Pinterest every day for numerous purposes. While some use it simply for the purpose of creating a wish list or experimenting on their hobbies, there are various others who use it to start a collection or plan a trip or a project and even for the purpose of promoting a business.

Therefore, Pinterest is considered to be the best way now to promote your business and even if you are just starting, it may be of immense help. You are simply required to pin your ideas and images in order to promote the business. For example, if you are starting a food based businesses you can pin images of the ones you are going to sell. You can also pin similar images from over the Internet which may help enhance the products of your business.

Even if you are a blogger, pinning your ideas in Pinterest may be of real help. You can get to promote your works and blogs through Pinterest. You can also add images in relation to your journals and write ups in order to induce interests of the visitors.

Similarly, if you are planning to travel you can use Pinterest to get some dapper ideas and plan well too. If your friends or anybody else on the Internet have already shared ideas on the place you are going to visit, it is going to be easier for you to have a clear idea on the same. Furthermore, if you are planning to start a travel and touring business, it may become easier for you to promote through Pinterest.

Therefore, Pinterest has come to be known as one of the best platforms for managing your business and promoting it too.


Author – Susan Green

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