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Windows logo on Apple Store in Germany

In Hamburg, Germany a group of highly skilled operatives that goes by the name of; .WAV Collective, have either vandalized or enhanced (depending on who you are) an upcoming Apple Store with a Windows logo. Have a look below.


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Polymer Vision 2011 | Paper 2.0 lol

Polymer Vision Rollable 6-inch SVGA display saves trees and makes paper look soo 105 AD.

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NFC Technology on Google Andriod

NFC (Near Field Communications) is a short ranged (1-4cm), low speed (106 – 414 kbps) and low friction setup (no discovery, no pairing) that does not need a battery to communicate. This technology is quite groundbreaking and Google is now making it available for developers to incorporate it into their applications. The NFC technology works like this:

– The Android device being used must have an NFC antenna (currently only located at the back of the device on NEXUS S).

– The NFC functionality must be enabled

– The user simply taps the device on anything that is NFC enabled


I’ve added 2 videos, the first is the short version outlining basic functionality and the second is a more in depth version

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Sony’s SmartAR Awesomeness



AR = Augmented Reality “is a term for a live direct or an indirect view of a physical, real-world environment whose elements are augmented by computer-generated sensory input, such as sound or graphics” via (5/22/2011)

This is by far the most advanced form of AR seen today and it can only progress.

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