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A-Team Hacker Group Exposes LulzSec


The hacking group that goes by the name of A-Team has exposed the names, locations, aliases and family members of the now disbanded hacking group, LulzSec.

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Oh yea Nintendo got Hacked


Several weeks ago, Nintendo’s U.S servers were subject to an attack but none of it’s consumer information was stolen.

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WebGL Attack | GPU exposed to hackers

The Mechanics of a WebGL Attack


The UK security firm Context (with support from the US Computer Emergency Readiness Team (CERT) )  believes that the WebGL feature should be disabled after learning of a security threat that allows a code to be planted directly into a computer’s GPU.

The extent of the attack can vary depending on the attacker; some attacks can be a simple denial of service attack and others can be more severe with the additional use of HTML5 Canvas. As a result of these vulnerabilities Context believes that WebGL is not ready for mass usage and should be disabled in web browsers.


Source – Contextis

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PSN Hacked | Everything you need to know

If you’re reading this then the general aspect of it should be nothing new, it’s all over the place from BBC to G4 to CNN, Joystiq, IGN, Engadget, Cnet, newspapers, articles, TV stations – when a multi-billion dollar company gets hacked, trust me you’ll definitely know about it. I’ve compiled this concise article of things that have happened and I will be updating it as news surfaces.

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