Firefox 4 has doubled Internet Explorer 9’s 24 hour download total after it’s release on March 24th.

According to the W3C’s browser statistics, Firefox being the #1 used browser today is definitely living up to it’s name as 24 hours after it’s launch it has been downloaded 4.7 million times. This statistic was available via Mozilla’s Glow site. Microsoft also made their statistics available via the Windows Team Blog with some 2.3 million downloads in 24 hours (last week) and with clear justification, boasted about it.


Though this 4.7 million is double that of IE, it still hasn’t surpassed Mozilla’s Firefox 3 debut of 8 million within 24 hours.

Firefox 4 is now at 20,000,000 downloads.


Have your copy of Firefox 4 or Internet Explorer 9 yet? Check the links below:

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