Oct 15th, 2021

Synlab is a European leader in laboratory diagnostic services, providing advanced and reliable tests for human health and well-being. Synlab operates in more than 40 countries and has a network of over 20,000 employees and medical experts.

I worked with their teams to introduce a new enterprise architecture and technical approach to building a Business to business (B2B) and Direct to consumer (D2C) platform for medical diagnostic testing.

Background & Objectives


As Synlab offers B2B services to B2C service providers, they’ve realised that given their strategic market placement and maturity, they can also offer these services directly to end-consumers as they are Europe’s largest providers of medical diagnostic testing services.


To deliver a real-time whitelabel platform that enables Synlab to provide a bespoke solution to multiple B2B customers, along with the ability to also deliver B2C services with third-party integrations; while providing the best user journey and experience possible.


As the Principal Engineer on the Synlab enterprise platform architecture project, my responsibilities were:


Architect enterprise platform solutions for integrating with multiple data sources, third-party providers and advanced computer vision ML models

Stakeholder Management

Work with stakeholders across the management team to agree on project requirements, build the enterprise architecture, benefits model and project delivery plan

Enterprise Integrations

Third-party enterprise technical integrations with multiple providers including large grocery outlets, law enforcement (VOI) and ANPR services 


Enterprise Platform Discovery

A built and developed end-to-end business case for the development and delivery of a new customer and back-office portal that sits on top of an enterprise infrastructure.

The business case included a project plan, benefits case and technical delivery overview including multiple architecture diagrams, data governance, cost, timelines, product strategy and many more

Tools & Technologies

This project branched into many varying aspects of engineering and technologies, and a few tools were used.

  • Architecture
  • Swagger
  • Data
  • AWS
  • Azure
  • GCP
  • Microsoft Office Suite