The Sponge… the sponge… the sponge

 Dylan Lawson meets Xfactor and the results are interesting.

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Windows 7 ads… the 2011 stuff

Microsoft and their lovely Windows 7 promo ads

Everyone has their own interpretations and that’s fine, it makes us who we are. I on the other hand would be PISSEEEEED to come home and see a massive ‘Windows’ logo in my wall with a bunch of DELL and HP computers in my living room – Linux & OSx for life my friends.

Also, what’s with the “My computer is the same as a new computer?” CLEARLY that is not true as technology is one of the fastest growing industries in the world, even my 13 year old cousin knows that, c’mon Microsoft!

The last video is a MUCH more effective video and one that should have been used throughout.


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Kinect Augmented Reality 3D Closet

Arbuzz is in the process of created a Virtual Dressing Room and they’ve presented a tech-demo of their work in progress. It’s quite a great experiment if I do say so myself; by using 3D imaging they are able to map clothes in real time to a section of the body. Have a look.


Source: Airbuzz Blog

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A-Team Hacker Group Exposes LulzSec


The hacking group that goes by the name of A-Team has exposed the names, locations, aliases and family members of the now disbanded hacking group, LulzSec.

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Teenager sells kidney for iPad 2


In China, a teenager has sold one of his kidneys to purchase an iPad 2(laptop?) and an iPhone.. seriously.

The 17 year old boy who goes by the last name Zheng used the internet to find an organ donor that would give him the right price for his kidney. He eventually found one that was willing to pay $3,392 (£2,077) for his kidney. Without consulting his family, the teen went through with the illegal operation under the supervision of the agent and was given said payment.

Th operation left a deep scar on his body, video below.



Source – BBC

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